We are a micro start-up based in regional Queensland, Australia, surrounded by some of our countries most beautiful and productive agricultural land.  Our people are involved in cutting edge innovative livestock research and have identified the need for improved management of animals and records of animal care during research trials.

Tieneke Trotter
Founder and Principal
Mark Trotter
Co-Founder and Tech Guy

Associate Professor Mark Trotter is a researcher involved in developing agri-tech solutions to key industry problems. His primary interests are in on-animal sensing systems to detect behaviour and welfare issues. Mark has been involved in numerous research trials involving livestock experimentation and has an extensive understanding of the issues involved in scientific use of animals.

Dr Tieneke Trotter is the founder and principal of Research Animal Management. Tieneke has previously worked as an academic (both research and teaching), as a consultant in private industry and on the board of not-for-profits. Tieneke brings an understanding of the challenges of animal based research and education together with a knowledge of industry compliance needs and the ability to manage people and business operations.

Research Animal Management Founded 2017